To establish a new and fair deal

for Alberta in the Canadian Confederation


Concerned Canadians will be the catalyst in changing the rules



The Author

We need first to refresh our minds about the history of the Canadian Confederation.


The old province of Canada was divided into Ontario and Quebec, along with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  Over the years since the Confederation Canada has seen numerous territorial changes and expansions, resulting in the current union of ten provinces and three territories.


By definition, the difference between a confederation and a federation is that the membership in a confederation is voluntary, while the membership in a federation is not.



Unfair deal and treatment

For many decades, Alberta has been experiencing an inexorable descent into a place where people work hard, send a generous portion of their taxes to Ottawa, and contribute significantly to building the nation. Yet, when Alberta needed to rebuild its economy, Ottawa was “tone-deaf.”

The winning strategy

Such long-lasting and difficult challenges wouldn’t be resolved by recycling old ideas, which were, perhaps, fitting in a different time and under different circumstances.

Effective tactics must replace weak threats and actions that are high on emotional gesticulation.

The winning strategy has to be formulated in a certain fashion able to mystify and surpass tactics and manoeuvres by the government in Ottawa.


Dr. Emile Gabriel is a product of the land of the Great Pyramids and a proud Canadian by choice.

 He completed a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and PhD in project management, recently preparing for a PhD in political/social science.

He has always been motivated by the inspiring example of his parents. His father was a doctor dedicated to his community, especially the poor, whom he chose to treat for free. Despite knowing that he had only a few months to live, he continued to work tirelessly to the last minute in the service of others. 

He passed away at the young age of 42, due to kidney disease, but passed on his commitment and passion for serving others to his children.

His mother, now a widow (left alone with the responsibility of raising six young children on her own), was a strong loving example for her children. Her sacrifice, wisdom and guidance molded her children into strong, persevering individuals with a deep desire to give to others and to look for solutions.

By nature he has an innovative personality, always looking ahead, which allowed him to contribute to important issues in our society such as designing a creative solution for flood mitigation and water conservation after the costly disastrous Alberta flood of 2013.


During his time working for the Alberta Highway Department, he provided the Department with a solution for dealing with serious highway cracks to save taxpayers millions of dollars.

This paper is an original intellectual product of the author and has been launched in an intricate effort to present a strategy on how to win the battle against Ottawa and give Alberta a chance to achieve a new fair deal for Albertans and for all Canadians within a modern confederation.


Dr. Gabriel is proud to contribute his work to the great country of Canada-the best country in the world to live in.