1- My track record of serving our City and Province, contributing quietly and with humility.

As your new mayor, you will find me down-to-earth and sincere.

2- I bring in:

- Relevant and beneficial skills and more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in:

- Modern and liveable Cities' design and planning,

- Transferable skills in people/projects' management.

*This type of experience will help getting our economic recovery right, and turning our city into a buzzing hub of different business activity, generating new jobs, new opportunities, and new revenues.*

3- My years of operating and managing different businesses successfully.In my capacity as a management consultant, I have provided years of consulting service to a wide range of businesses, from small, medium to mega.



Putting My Experience
to Work



"Structural Alignment"

- Commitment to efficiency -




 I will be applying modern management methods

 To modrenize and simplify the fuction of different city's departements, where unworkable practices or processes are found, in order to:

unpoliticize decissions

 maximize productivity


speed up people’s business at City Hall.

 Our municipal tax system

*Immediate term*

Cutting waste, duplication, unwise spending. 

- Maintaining quality services.

- Diversify our local economy.

      - Provide:                        a conducive environment for small and medium size businesses to be able to start, grow and prosper.

Efficiency in

conducting councillors' job

​*Immediate term*

To achieve this goal, we will need to:

1- Reduce the number of committees assigned to a councillor and delegate the work to the appropriate city staff.

2- As a result, this action will free up Councillors to start learning people's needs, conducting frequent town hall meetings, informing, discussing and finding consensus.

* City departments and




I will form a joint team of experts

to achieve real efficiency through integrating certain departments, Standing Policy Committees, civic committees or boards to:

1- Realize a zero-duplication target.

2- Save time and money.

3- Make less bureaucracy


City top managers.jpeg


Who could Manage Your City Successfully?

- Choose wisely -

 (Be aware of a platform imitation by other candidates)


Under current economic and social circumstances, managing our young and growing city successfully will require a leadership with a mastery of complex and competing issues experience, in dealing with existing and unexpected outcomes.

The Mayor and Council are responsible for creating the vision for Calgary and working with Administration to execute that vision...Mayor and Council are elected to serve the interests of Calgarians.

If a mayor presents a weak vision and is lacking the needed skills...

In such a case the bureaucrats, the administration or influential interest groups will take over.

Would you like that to happen?

"A novice leader will put together a garden that is full of too much confusion as to colour and form".

One can imitate an idea, but could he/she pull off a complex plan?


Placing property tax assessment in a 3-year


Moving towards a new smart and affordable civic tax/fees system