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1- A track record of service to our City and Province, contributing quietly and with humility.

2- Relevant transferable skills, including the latest methodologies and techniques in successful management of people and projects.

3- More than 20 years of knowledge and experience in:
​- Transportation,
- Planning modern, attractive and livable cities.
- People and projects management.

4- Joined the workforce (after immigrating to Canada); worked with the government (Alberta Transportation); moved to the private sector (as a business person and entrepreneur operating and managing different businesses successfully). Working now as a management consultant.

5- In my capacity as a management consultant, I have provided consultation service to help a wide range of businesses to succeed, from small, to medium, to large size firms.

What Will I Do For You?

- Due to the pandemic and the other challenges we are facing today, we must build a strong local economy to:
-Generate new employment opportunities.
-Maintain and improve city' services and meet our needs. 
-Help vulnerable people.

- I will work hard and smart to turn our city into a buzzing hub of different business activity, bring new ideas and generate new jobs, new opportunities and more revenues.

- To the best of my ability, I will use my knowledge and experience to get our economic recovery done fast.

- As your new mayor, you will find me down-to-earth and sincere.


 Commitment to service with the attitude of excellence and efficiency


Plan Details:


 I will be applying modern management methods

 To modrenize and simplify

the function of

different city's

departements, boards and committees, where

unworkable practices or

processes are found, in order to:

- Unpoliticize decisions

- Maximize productivity


- Speed up people’s business at

City Hall.

 Our municipal tax system

*Immediate term*

Cutting waste, stopping unwise



- Maintaining quality services.


- Diversifying our local economy.

- Reducing and stabilizing taxes.

- Providing a conducive

environment for small and

medium size businesses to

be able to start, grow and prosper.

More to come.

Stay tuned!

 (Be aware of platform imitation) 


Under current economic and social circumstances, managing our young and growing city successfully will require a leadership with a mastery of complex and competing issues in dealing with existing challenges and unexpected changes and outcomes.

A "lightweight" mayor, who doesn't have relevant experience in managing a complex corporation, or just seeking a career in politics and is held back by the donors-in such a case, the bureaucrats, the administration or influential interest groups/donors will take over.

Would you like this to happen again to our city?

"A novice leader will put together a garden that is full of too much confusion as to colour and form".

A person can imitate a platform, but could he/she pull off a complex plan?

                     Today's interesting news


As many of you know, I have been promoting term limits for many years. As a matter of fact, I was the only candidate in the last election who was committed (in writing) to term limits (2-term).

As of April, we have now 2 new cases of “imitation”, 3 people running for mayor, two have mentioned it, and the third recently added to his website that he will commit.

The other case includes copying one of my lines in the first page of my website “Join the Movement”.

They say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and I wish many more will be committed in writing.

The difference is, term limits is one part of my master plan to achieve a meaningful change. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the distinction between the "original" and the imitation.

Who Could Manage Your City Successfully and With Integrity?

    - Choose Wisely -

Consider Gabriel (Gabe)

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