Collection of Media Interviews and Mayoral Forums
The following video clips (one minute or less) are taken from previous forums or interviews during the 2017 Municipal Election - Mayoral Forum (don't mind picture quality).

My position on these issues is the same today

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What do I stand for?

Hear my stance on issues such as: term limits (two-term), hate crimes, the arena deal, diversity and division in our city, supporting women in politics, taxation and fixing our local economy.


On Global TV

Listening to the people and respecting the democratic process


Ending the politics of division

Promoting compassion and acceptance

MAYORAL FORUM at MacEwan Hall, Sept. 20th., 2017 

One action in my master plan towards fixing the current broken system

Improving our local economy and reforming taxes to attract all kinds of businesses

Leadership by example, sincerity, loyalty to the people. Peace in our city.

City planning, to be the best in the world

The need for transparency and treating women with respect at City Hall

The arena deal. Is there is a better option?

Dealing with drug abuse and helping victims 

The Green Line. Incorporating the new realities and technologies in current design and planning, 

My plan to bring peace and harmony to our city

The mayor's job covers multiple areas, requiring having in-depth diverse knowledge and  adequate preparation and experience in order to be able to make a positive and significant change.


Most recent interviews

Interview with Calgary Living & Life Style with host Bryon Howard


FCM Interview - with host Ronald Dale Waters

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(A mayor who is going to be just a cheerleader for the bureaucrats or certain interest group/donor, could be one of your worst choices).