A track record of service to the community and to our province


His involvement with City of Calgary programs

Helping summer students to have a job and become independent

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S.A.S. assists young women, age 16 to 25 and their children, who have been victims of sexual exploitation
(An excerpt from the letter).

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A "thank you" letter from a former Premier of Alberta, addressed to Mr. Gabriel regarding his work to save millions of dollars of taxpayers' money in the area of constructing and maintaining roads and Highways.( 2nd page of the letter).

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The heading, in this photo, reads:

"Poll suggests Smith has 13-point lead over Nenshi"

Polls are not always right!

Therefore, they should not be trusted.


You could very well be looking at the person who will fill the mayor's seat.



I have more than 20 years of diverse experience, in entrepreneurial adventures, business start-ups and management of people and projects.

Also, I have completed a PhD at the University of Calgary, Department of Civil Engineering with a specialization in Project Management.


I have a successful management consulting practice, working with firms and managers to assist in developing their business models and improving effectiveness and efficiency.

This combination of knowledge experience and leadership has prepared me to be a good fit to lead and manage a growing city like Calgary.

Emile Gabriel (Gabe)

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His source of inspiration

Emile Gabriel’s father was his first role model. Despite knowing that he had only a few months to live, he continued to work tirelessly to the last minute in the service of others. As a doctor, (Ophthalmologist), he was dedicated to his community, especially the poor, whom he chose to treat for free. He passed away at the young age of 42, due to kidney disease, but passed on his commitment and passion for serving others to his children (Emile was 11, 1/2 years young at that time).

His mother, a widow, trying to learn how to cope with this tragedy, left alone with the responsibility of raising six young children on her own, remained a strong loving example for her children. Her sacrifice, wisdom and guidance molded her children into strong, persevering individuals with a deep desire to give to others and to look for solutions.

As a young person, Emile was instilled with the values of giving to others and motivated by his parent’s inspiring examples.


Emile's parents, at the time when they were engaged


Emile Gabriel is a product of the land of the Great Pyramids and a multi-racial family (Egyptian father, European mother), had to leave Egypt because of persecution against minorities. He is proud to be a Canadian by choice.

He has enjoyed many opportunities to travel, work and live, in different parts of the world.


He chose Canada as his new home because it embodied the values which he strongly believes in, including freedom, respect to others, equality and democracy.

Canada has given him a deep appreciation for the natural surroundings our country has to offer and the peaceful nature of its people.

In Alberta, he admires the majestic Mountains, rolling foothills, big skies and pristine waters.


Throughout his learning journey and his university education, he has completed a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering at the University of Alexandria and took advanced courses in cities’ planning and transportation at both Universities of Alberta and University of Calgary, in addition to courses and lab testing and training with Alberta Transportation.

Later, he obtained a PhD degree in Project Management Specialization from the University of Calgary.

This combination of knowledge and experience makes him a good fit to lead a growing city like Calgary.


As an immigrant, he came to Canada with just $200 in his pocket.

In order to support himself, he took jobs like working in a bakery, paint manufacturing firm, warehouses, loading docks, and security officer at Calgary Airport.

He worked also with Manulife Assurance Company, selling insurance and helping in Estate planning.


With his Civil Engineering degree, he worked with Alberta Transportation, building Highways, Bridges and Airports. During that time, he went to the University of Alberta to upgrade his knowledge in transportation.


As an entrepreneur by nature, he took a leap into the business world, started a small paving company, followed by  businesses in the food industry (coffee trucks and small food kiosks at the farmers market).


His first-hand personal experience made him sensitive to other Calgarians' struggle in making a living, building a life and providing for family.  


Having an affinity for research and innovation, in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Calgary, he joined the Bio-Mechanical Engineering Department, there, he began conducting simultaneous research working on different methods for repairing damaged human meniscus knee cartilage, as a result of sports injuries.

Concurrently, in the engineering field, his research work was  aiming at avoiding Highways' premature crack , in order to save millions of dollars in maintenance and rebuilding cost.

He has also worked with Innovate Calgary on one of his inventions.

INNOVATION is a great asset and is badly needed at City Council


* A demonstrated ability to analyze complex situations, design technical solutions.


* Excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills.


* Ability to take initiative when appropriate.


* Ability to prioritize workload and meet deadlines.


*A determined perseverance when problem solving – focusing on the task, unrelentingly, and researching all angles and options to find the best approach.


* A strong sense of responsibility as a professional team player, motivator and mentor.

* As a former officer, he brings discipline and precision to the planning and management of city conducts and operations.




As a consultant, he used his skills, knowledge and advanced management tools with a range of clients to effectively and efficiently manage people and projects, as well as, saving time and money. 

Hi, I'm Emile Gabriel (Gabe)


I have enjoyed the following throughout my life journey:

Travelling, Soccer, fishing, ballroom/Latin dance, teaching / competing, Argentine tango, horseback riding, tennis, ping pong and swimming.

I love watching Hockey, mystery movies, love stories. shows about different animals/birds in their natural habitats and all aspects of nature.



"I am not a politician, I am a manager and I'm not beholden in any way to  anyone in particular - I can’t be bought off"

"My loyalty is to all Calgarians, having their best interests at heart without partiality"

"I believe a public office is a place to serve, not a launching pad for a (cozy) career"


Practically, this means:

- Commitment to term limits (2-term), to start building trust.

- Leading by example, accepting a salary rollback.

- Putting others first ("others" here does not imply special interest groups or influential donors).

- Being sincere about serving, doing it with compassion and with all my skills, not just running eying the mayor's position or salary.