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What should this election be about?
*Leadership by example*

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At the Municipal Level


1- Anyone who is seeking a career, his/her main preoccupation is to protect that career, making choices and supporting decisions helping them to keep and advance their career.

It is completely the opposite in the case of a person who is committed to term limits (2-term). Their main concern is to do a good job so they can leave behind a good legacy.

2- Financial and campaign support goes to the incumbents because special interest groups already have them in their back pocket.

3- Accordingly, "term limits" will help to get BIG money and influential interest groups out of politics.

4- Ordinary people will have a real opportunity to run for office. They will not need to raise millions of dollars to compete with the incumbent’s war chest.


5- Term limits will open the door for more people with real-world experience from all walks of life to serve in elected office.

6- Term limits will bring more sincere people with relevant set of skills and management experience, which will improve efficiency and productivity.

7- The longer they stay, the more comfortable they get and being on council becomes just a job (not a service)-a "Sweet gig".

8- Media and public pressure will take its toll. An elected official becomes stale and would, badly, need a break.