Updated: Oct 5

Can justice be achieved by changing systems, laws or policies?

As a person of colour, I can understand and relate to the way minorities would like to be treated and their aspirations towards having meaningful jobs and enjoying a quality of life.



Discrimination, Covert Unconscious Bias and a Call for justice.


Lack of understanding, Fear and falsehood. Hate or brutality are a condition of the heart, not a "consequence" of a department's budget.

Operation objective:

Values and morality can not be forced through legislations. Leadership by example is the answer.

We will need to replace hate with respect, justice, peace, equal treatment and compassion towards others.

Compassion towards others that has the power to conquer fear.

Ending division:

We will start working together to identify what it means to be a Canadian first, and rally around our shared Canadian values. This will bring our diverse communities back together.

Words of wisdom

From Const. Pierre Poitras, who has been a member of the Calgary Police Service for 14 years.

"Human nature will not change at the drop of a hat.

No more egos, no more tough-guy attitude, no more leather-jackets and revolvers, no more corrupt moral practices, no more unnecessary violence, no more sexism, no more racism, no more homophobia. We cannot be soldiers or warriors, but guardians, standing between society and harm".

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