The Green Line as one Component of a Comprehensive Modern Transportation

Updated: Oct 10

First, we need to ask ourselves:

What do you want Calgary's future to look like?



21st.-century modern technology in transportation

- I will champion the building of the high-speed train between Calgary and Edmonton linking the city centres with connections to the two international airports.

- It will contribute to reduced emissions, congestion, accidents and pollution.

(It can be fully and privately funded).

My blueprint for the future way we live, work and travel will include:

- Firstly, enhancement of the current design of the green line to make it more expandable, faster and affordable, using a system like spokes on a wheel by taking advantage of our Ring Road. A combination of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) (a grid net) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) service.

- Secondly, allocation of strategic locations for charging stations, due to the increased popularity and move to electric vehicles.


Deficiencies in the current Green Line design:

- Current design puts more of the train line on the street level. "The city hasn't had much success in designing on-street LRT alignments that integrate well with surrounding communities."

- It makes a small street even smaller or unsafe, resulting in fatalities.

- It is already a 10-year discussion on this project and will take at least 10 more years to build. There are urgent needs for transportation today, especially in the Northern part of our city.

- There is absolutely no room for a “re-do”, if the current design ends up to be like the Ottawa's Confederation Line light rail system that continues to be plagued by serious problems.


One person wrote:

"I'm in the SE and to even get to the SHCH on transit now is close to an hour and a half! You have to get off at Sommerset and take a bus from there that is almost 30 this an efficient system? Time is money".


I believe in the multiple benefits of a fast train between Calgary and Edmonton. Investors, and not the taxpayers, would invest their money. Therefore, I encourage the voters to take a serious look at this option.


The world of transportation is changing very fast.

Electric airplanes are getting tantalizingly close to a commercial breakthrough.

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