New Arena Deal -Taxpayers' Contribution = $0.0

Updated: Oct 6

A new Win-Win deal - Taxpayers' contribution = 0.0

- The dilemma between supporting a for-profit-organization and Calgarians love of hockey -

- Many Calgarians believe that the deal rewards the rich billionaire owners and millionaire players.

-There were councillors in favour of reopening this deal.

- The Flames owners have always wanted their own opportunities to develop the land around the event centre.


The Saddledome seats 19,289 for hockey and lacrosse.

The proposed new Event Centre will include an arena with up to 19,000 seats. (smaller by comparison).

The location problem:

Ease of access in and out/parking. McLeod trail is a nightmare today, trying to get to the Sadledome , how about 10, 20, 50 years from now? Population expands, the streets don’t.


I am proposing:

Alternative Arena location involves a state-of-the-art field house. No taxpayers' money is involved.

Building a new and magnificent sports complex, bigger and better than any other similar building exists in Canada.

More income for the owners and more revenue for the city. A win-win new deal.

Location: The Aurora Business Park

- A city owned parcel of land.

- Much more land is available.

- Excellent access to the Ring road and Deerfoot Trail.

- Can have more than 19000 seats

- Will help to expand the LRT to the Airport and planning the city with a fast, efficient and affordable transportation.

- Far away from the flood zone (Victoria Park, the proposed current location). There isn’t one major flood protection project built since the 2013 flood.

Thinking out side the box.

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