The Youth and the Need for Progressive Solutions and Employment Opportunities

Updated: Oct 5

What do the young generation need to succeed?

One of the most important lessons I have learned, working with our young generation is that the most important issues for them include:

- Affordable housing

- Fast, affordable and efficient transportation.

- Less red tape.

- Help to well-developed startup concepts, providing:

Incentives: Tax Credit, tax break, or lean lease on city lands for a period.

I believe that the student and millennial generations are our future’s most valuable assets and their needs to succeed is an urgent part of my plan.

Do you have a dream of a good paying job, owning a house, having a spouse/partner and a nice car?

Let us not lose hope. As your mayor, it will be my responsibility to work on your issues and needs to provide opportunities towards financial stability, social and career advancement.

Many cities across North America have succeeded in reinventing themselves.

We can also modernize, diversify and reinvent our city. (visit my job and building a strong economy page).

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