Police: Peace and Order. Fire Department: needs an adequate budget.

Updated: Oct 8

As a person who has served in uniform, safety and security is of a paramount concern to me.

The Socio-economic dimension:

The police have to deal with the fallout of dreadful social problems.

As a side effect of a weak economy and a lack of local jobs, there is an increase in drug abuse, crimes, theft, and suicide attempts, putting an extra load on the police service.

Immediate action:

Police are normally faced with situations that require a split-second reaction.

- They are not out there to provide a “social worker” service. It is not, and should not be one of their tasks.

- Police officers are out there to maintain laws, protect the public and keep peace and order.

- It is the responsibility of the leadership to choose people who are committed to objective policing, with good character and core values that are in line with the values of the organisation.

- There is also a need to determine if we are facing an epidemic case of brutality, or it is an endemic case of some ill-suited members who would need to be reassigned or retrained.

Defund vs. define:

We will need to continue modernizing the service, improving interpersonal communication and de-escalation skills, working along with different communities.

Fire Department (CFD)

It was reported that Calgary fire crews have been regularly responding to house and property's fires . Also, wildfires' smoke will plague Calgary indefinitely.


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