Business/Property's Taxes -Strong Local Economy, and Jobs

Updated: Oct 8

A tax cut promise is not a “plan”, it should be an outcome of a short/long-term plan.

The plan:

- Rolling tax assessment into a 3-years cycle to provide a sense of stability to business and property's owners, and save time and money on appealing the assessments.

- Studying and discussing the option of using the purchase price value as a base for the assessment.

Generating more revenue

1- Focusing on helping home-based businesses, start-ups, small and medium-size businesses to be able to start, grow and prosper by:

2- Simplifying the rules and creating efficiency at city hall through multiple actions including the consolidation of certain departments to reduce duplications and produce true efficiency. Also, to attract new investors and capital.

3- Incentive:

The UCP’s Bill 7, introduced in June, allows municipalities to offer tax breaks and incentives for specific classes of businesses, or an industry as a whole, for up to 15 years.

4- Diversifying our local economy.

5- Building on the above, we can reduce taxes, make it affordable and attractive to new businesses, investors and capital.

(No promise of a "tax freeze" for the next 4 years. it's a false promise that can be broken if circumstances change, and there is no guarantee that enough counsellors will support this idea).

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