Women in Our City. Equal Opportunity, Understanding Their Critical Roll

Updated: Oct 6


As a result of the pandemic,

a large number of women are struggling, many were laid off, lost their jobs, or if they can work, they can't find a daycare.

In addition, there is an increase in domestic violence.

I am acutely aware of these difficulties and I will mobilize all resources to provide a measure of stability to struggling women.

As your new mayor, I will work hard and smart to revive our local economy (see my plan for the economy page ).

I have a plan to create new jobs and generate additional revenue in order to be able to deal with different needs and crises.

New ways of thinking and managing.


In the past we built a Women's Emergency Shelter to help and hide abused wives. We can also use a place to help men to change their abusive behaviour.

If you ask, how did I come to understand women’s challenges?

I was raised by my mother, after the death of my father at a young age. She was left to raise six young children on her own with no income.

She made many sacrifice raising all of us, while instilling values and principles in our minds.

That is how I came to experience and understand some of women's struggles.

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