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 Using My Knowledge, Credential and more than 20 Years Experience in Management






- Will give a more active role to community associations.

- Requires councillors to conduct sufficient town hall meetings and use all available technologies to inform, educate and democratically represent the prevailing wishes of their communities. From this information, we can identify the overall choice of all city's communities on citywide issues. 

In this new system, councillors will not be busy sitting on tons of committees and boards, but rather, spending more time in their communities, listening, understanding and taking care of localized issues. I will be organizing a collaborative effort between the administration and the councillors on what they bring in as unresolved issues.


The same system, driven by data, commonsense and sciencewill generate true efficiency across city departments. This will lead to less “red tape”, fast and strong economic recovery and saving money that can be used for important services such as snow removal, garbage collection, or, ending homelessness. 



You have read and heard, for many months, from the other mayoral candidates. I, now, will start releasing the specifics of my plan, which are completely different from the others.

Any attempt to imitate my platform by other candidates, as has already been happening during this election, should not fool the voters at this stage.




I have a better plan to build a bigger arena, and a magnificent field-house, we all can be proud of. This is a win-win arrangement that wouldn’t require Calgarians, at these difficult times, to sacrifice close to $300 million that can be  efficiently allocated and put to good use including fixing taxes. 

Here is my proposal and you can examine the provided map (below) of the Aurora Business Park and compare its benefits to the current proposed Victoria Park location:

*Aurora Business Park is a city owned parcel of land and described by the city as: 329.0 acres.

The benefits and advantages:

*Not only large enough for a new arena but also for a sport complex that Includes a new home for McMahon Stadium, (Generating more income for the owners and more revenue for the city);

* Providing many more jobs during, and after construction;

*Easy accesses from Deerfoot and multiple other routes;

(In comparison to McLeod trail that is supposed to serve the proposed new arena for the next 60 years - (McLeod trail is a nightmare today, when you are trying to get to the Sadledome; how about 10, 20 and 30 years from now?);

*Its proximity to the airport, major roadways, proposed Green Line North LRT route and established neighbouring communities makes it a choice business location;

*Far away from the flood zone (there isn’t a single major mitigation project built on either the Bow or the Elbow Rivers since the 2013 flood (8 years ago).




 Aerial view of Aurora Park location
As your new mayor, I'll always provide you with an alternative solution to consider. Not just saying, NO!

Building a New Council with the Attitude of Serving vs. Building a "CozY" Career 

I have been communicating with all candidates running for councillor and proposing the following:

Considering the present state of the economy, many Calgarians have been facing financial difficulties.  Additionally, many in the private sector have taken significant cuts. As the City Council is in a different “business”, that of SERVING others, I am leading by example and committed to:

A - Term limits of two terms.

B-  As the new mayor, I will be accepting a principled and compassionate salary reduction of 35% (to be used for a good cause outside myself).

I would like to encourage you, as a candidate for councillor, to lead by example as well and commit to term limits and accept a cut of 25% to demonstrate your commitment to serving Calgarians over receiving financial compensation.

C- A Commitment to listening to the people, conducting sufficient town-hall meetings, informing, educating and looking for consensus or trends.


 It is less than one month before election day and there is no definite winner in the race for mayor, this race could remain fluid to the last minute.

I have been campaigning during the last 4 years, building a large base of supporters.

I present a third option with a specific knowledge and management experience that our City of Calgary can use at this time. 

 I will be Applying a Modern Management System that I Used Before as a Management Consultant

 To modernize and simplify

the function of different city's

departments, boards and committees, where

 practices or

processes are hindering progress, or slowing down approvals. The goals:

- Unpoliticize decisions

- Maximize productivity

- Save time and money


- Speed up people’s business at

City Hall.

 Our Municipal Tax System

*Immediate Term*

A tax cut promise is not a “plan”, it should be an outcome of a short/long-term plan.

The plan:

- Rolling tax assessment into a 3-years cycle to provide a sense of stability to business and property's owners. Also, saving time and money on appealing the assessments.


- Studying and discussing the option of using the purchase price value as a base for the assessment.


Generating more revenue


1- Focusing on helping home-based businesses, start-ups, small and medium-size businesses, to be able to start, grow and prosper by:


2- Simplifying the rules and creating efficiency at city hall through multiple actions including the consolidation of certain departments to reduce duplication, produce true efficiency and attract new investors and capital.


3- Incentive:

The UCP’s Bill 7, introduced in June, allows municipalities to offer tax breaks and incentives for specific classes of businesses, or an industry as a whole, for up to 15 years.


4- Diversifying our local economy.

5- Building on the above, we can reduce taxes, make it affordable and attractive to new businesses, investors and capital.

(No promise of a "tax freeze" for the next 4 years. it's a false promise that can be broken if circumstances change, and there is no guarantee that enough counsellors will support this idea).



 I am one mayoral candidate in a very unique position.
*Bringing in the Right Experience in Management and the Right Level of Preparedness*

After arriving in Canada (40 years ago), I joined the manual workforce (became a member of a union), then worked in a government department (Alberta Transportation), later, moved into the private sector.
As an entrepreneur and a businessperson, I started a variety of businesses; successfully, operating and managing.
Now, with my years of experience and a degree in management, I am working as a management consultant providing service to a variety of firms.

This is my set of skills and experience which will be of utmost benefit for our city at this juncture.




- As your new mayor, you will find me down-to-earth,
approachable, sincere and fun.

First and foremost, I see, understand and relate to people's needs, aspirations and the longing for hope, peace and safety.  

 Additional reading:

(Be aware of platform imitation) 


Under current economic and social circumstances, managing our young and growing city successfully will require a leadership with a mastery of complex and competing issues in dealing with existing challenges and unexpected changes and outcomes.

A "lightweight" mayor, who doesn't have the most fitting experience in managing growing and complex corporations, or just seeking a career in politics and is held back by the donors - in such a case, the bureaucrats, the administration or influential interest groups/donors will take over.

Would you like this to happen again to our city?

The city of Calgary is not a "business operation", it is a multifarious activities (having many varied aspects and responsibilities), a vast multifarious organization.

"A novice leader will put together a garden that is full of too much confusion as to colour and form".

And can imitate another candidate's platform, but could he/she pull off a complex plan?

  Today's interesting news


As many of you know, I have been promoting term limits for many years. As a matter of fact, I was the only candidate in the last election who was committed (in writing) to term limits (2-term).

As of April, we have now 2 new cases of “imitation”, 3 people running for mayor, two have mentioned it, and the third recently added to his website that he will commit.

The other case includes copying one of my lines in the first page of my website “Join the Movement”.

They say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and I wish many more will be committed in writing.

The difference is, term limits is one part of my master plan to achieve a meaningful change. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the distinction between the "original" and the imitation.

Who Could Manage Your City Successfully and With Integrity?

    - Choose Wisely -

Consider Gabriel (Gabe)

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